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Michael “Snake” Casey was a friend, mentor, Vietnam veteran, sailor, Clemson alum, engineer, dive bar owner, volunteer, writer, physicist, and humorist. He loved Clemson athletics and Wisconsin beer. He read academic journals at baseball games and swore at his computer a lot. He had this wonderful way of seeing (through coke bottle glasses) the light in people and the absurdity in their behavior. I bet Mark Twain would have wanted to have a drink with him, had the timing lined up. Snake wrote equations and named them after people he loved. Over the years he quoted the poem “Desiderata” to remind some of us young, uncertain bartenders that we are all “children of the universe.” He asked questions, listened, and remembered names and details. Sometimes he would stay at the bar until close and help employees clean up when really we probably would have gotten things done faster if he just chilled out. Over the years I’ve told stories about “my friend Snake” in
I asked mom for a pic. She found this one with nice captions. That’s Mike and Pat sitting on the ground. My mom is Nancy. Her mom is Marian. Marian and James were first cousins. Very close group. And yes, they actually had a bear 🐻 roast on occasion. my grandfather Cotton took the photo (Marian’s husband — not a cousin). Cotton was obsessed with genealogy and loved the Casey/Copeland family very much. My daughter is named Mary Copeland. Pat’s daughter is named Casey.